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Location: Doha, Qatar 

Client: Public Works Authority (ASHGHAL)

Consultants: Associated Consulting Engineers (ACE)


Project Description


The project area of 2,590 hectares is partially served by a network of existing sewers divided into 9 drainage areas. The project consists of ± 150 KM of foul sewerage piping varying in size between 200 mm and 800 mm, and varying in depth between 2 m to 11 m, including portions to be constructed by micro-tunneling.  


This project will serve the existing, ongoing and planned developments to the future design horizon of 2035 by extending and upgrading the existing sewerage facilities.


The key objectives of the services included the following:


  1. Identify the sewer infrastructure requirements (up to 2035) in accordance with the Ministry of Municipality & Urban Planning (MMUP) latest policy and land use plan; and sizing new facilities based on hydraulic modeling.
  2. Prepare Detailed Design of the proposed new sewerage facilities including the upgrading of the existing gravity mains, and taking into consideration the following:
    1. Route approval for sewer corridor
    2. Integration of new facilities with the existing facilities, while minimizing disruption to existing services.
    3. Integration and Coordination of facilities with the design of new road improvements.
    4. Dewatering and  soil conditions
    5. Other existing Utilities and Infrastructure in the area.
    6. Economic construction methods.
  3. Preparation of technical specification, cost estimates and tender documents for the above works.
  4. Providing assistance during tendering; technical and financial evaluations of the tender bids.

Consultancy Services


The services include the following main tasks:

  •  Preliminary study reports and Conceptual Design.
  •  Detailed design.
  •  Tender documents.
  •  Assistance during Tendering.



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