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Location: Saudi Arabia

Client: Water & Sewerage Department Western Region 

Consultants: Associated Consulting Engineers (ACE)


Project Description


The project was intended to implement five sewage treatment plants at different locations in Jeddah. These plants serve a population of 500,000 on a temporary basis pending the construction of a main treatment facility to replace the overloaded existing plant.

Other major elements of the project include:

  • Activated sludge process with aeration to remove carbonaceous matter.
  • Mechanical treatment of sludge which comprises sludge feeding, chemical feeding for sludge conditioning, belt filter presses and treated sludge loading and hauling facilities.
  • Comminutor/bar screen chambers, gas chlorination equipment.
  • Internal piping, diffusers, sludge collection mechanism, sludge and scum airlifts, and aeration blowers.
  • Mechanical surface skimmers.
  • Access bridges and service walkways, internal piping and flow measuring devices.


Consultancy Services


ACE assisted the Saudi Arabian Electro-Mechanical Company (SAEMCO) in providing the engineering services required by the turn-key terms of contract.

The services included topographic surveys, soil investigations, site planning, design, and technical specifications and bills of quantities.

This also involved:

  • Process study and selection.
  • Establishing the most economical process for the mechanical treatment of sludge.
  • Equipment sizing, design and performance requirements.
  • Coordination, planning and design of site work at all 5 plants, including yard piping, electrical systems, foundation designs, control and laboratory buildings, influent piping to wetwells, standby generator buildings and installations.
  • Continuous technical support during project execution.


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