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Location: Jubail, Saudi Arabia

Client: Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu 

Consultants: Associated Consulting Engineers (ACE) in Association with Gilbert Commonwealth Int'l


Project Description


A major scheme intended to provide master planning and infrastructure for the industrial park for secondary industries at Jubail Industrial City.

The Park extends over an area of 1400 hectares and is to accommodate in large array of secondary petrochemical and other industrial facilities and installations. Of the 132 candidate industries, 54 relate to petrochemicals, with the remaining involving steel, aluminum, plastics, fertilizers etc.

The main element of the infrastructure development Include:

  • Potable water and fire fighting system comprising in excess of 98 km of network, pumping and storage facilities - system capacity 5,600 m³/ hour.
  • Seawater cooling system comprising 120 km of network, with pipe diameters ranging between 300 mm to 1600mm/ a major pumping station drawing water from the main seawater canal and supplying the industries needs with a capacity of 118,000 m³/ hour; return flow feeds back into the pumping station which pumps it back into the main canal.
  • Sanitary sewerage system comprising 58 km of network and pumping facilities - System capacity 850 m³/hour.
  • Industrial wastewater collection system comprising 38 km of network and pumping facilities - system capacity 8,000 m³/hour.
  • Reclaimed treated effluent irrigation system comprising 520 km of network and pumping facilities - system capacity 10,000 m³/day.

Stormwater drainage system comprising intels, gulleys, channels pipe and box culverts and related works.


Consultancy Services

 Industrial and physical planning; candidate industries studies; investigations and surveys; design; preparation of several tender documents packages for project implementation as part of the overall scheme.


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