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Location: Wadi Moussa & Adjacent Areas, Jordan 

Client: Ministry of Water & Irrigation-Water Authority / WAJ 

Consultants: Associated Consulting Engineers


Project Description


In association with Camp Dresser & McKee (CDM) – USA. USAID funded project, consultancy services for the study, design and construction supervision of water supply, wastewater collection treatment and re -use for Wadi Mousa Area including Taiba, B ’doul, Beida and nearby areas . For construction tendering purposes, the project divided into 8 tenders:


  • 1W, water pump station, 1000m2, RC Reservoir, 17.3km DI piping.
  • 2W, water pump station, 3 R.C. Reservoir, 17.8km DI piping.
  • 3W, water distribution system for Wadi Mousa Town.
  • 4W, water distribution system for 3 towns.
  • 5WW, WWTP, four WW pump stations and WW Force Main.
  • 6WW, wastewater collection system for Wadi Mousa Town.
  • 7WW, wastewater collection system for 3 Towns.
  • 8W, WW, W & WW Force Mains, along Tabieh – Wadi Mousa Road.


Consultancy Services


  • Design of water distribution and sewage collection networks
  • Design of pumping stations
  • Tender documents
  • Construction Supervision
  • Operations and Maintenance manuals


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