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Location: Kingdom of Bahrain 

Client: Ministry of Water, Sanitary Engineering Projects & Planning (SEPP)

Consultants: Associated Consulting Engineers (ACE)


Consultancy Services


  • Economic Feasibility Study
  • Master Plan
  • Irrigation networks and replenishment systems for aquifers
  • Design of the management control system
  • SCADA and GIS implementation
  • Centralized control centre
  • Preliminary and detailed designs
  • Preparation of tender documents
  • Phasing programme, based on prioritization and economical studies
  • Construction supervision


Project Description


A major nationwide scheme for production and utilizing treated wastewater effluent for irrigation purposes, as being reclaimed from Tubli Water Pollution Control Centre (TWPCC) in Bahrain.

The services of ACE consultant included the preparation of an irrigation Master Plan for scheme implementation. Data regarding existing water usage, existing methods of irrigation and quantity and quality of treated effluent were compiled and assessed, recommendation were made and cost estimates and cost comparison worked out.

The scheme provides for disinfection facilities by chlorine and ozone. It also provides transmission Pumping and storage systems from the treatment plant to the various areas where effluent is intended to be utilized.

The Scheme was upgraded to treat an average daily flow of 200,000 m³/day to serve about 550 farms located in the Northern and Western regions of Bahrain, along with landscape irrigation of many major roads and highway. Around 3000 Hectares of agricultural land will benefit from this scheme. Based on guidelines developed by California State guidelines for unrestricted reuse, the high quality treated effluent is acceptable for use with any type of agricultural crop.

The high quality effluent will contribute eventually for the replenishment of the depleted aquifers in Bahrain.

The facilities include secondary and tertiary treatment, sludge treatment, pumping stations and treated effluent transmission lines, distribution lines, landscape irrigation lines and farm connections.


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