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Location: Kingdom of Bahrain 

Client: Central Municipal Council 

Consultants: Associated Consulting Engineers (ACE)


Project Description


The intention of the project is to implement an irrigation scheme to serve the municipal landscaped area of Bahrain metropolitan districts.

The Services included the preparation of an irrigation master plan for scheme implementation. Data regarding existing water usage, existing methods of irrigation and quantity and quality of treated effluent, were compiled and assessed. Evaluation of requirements in light of existing conditions and appropriate recommendations were made addressing the following:

  • Irrigation water sources and irrigation methods.
  • Phasing and schematics for distribution networks and transmission system.
  • Storage and pumping requirements.
  • Interface with sources and emergency provision.
  • Materials selection
  • Operation and maintenance requirements
  • Quality control
  • Cost estimates and cost comparisons
  • Technical specifications.


The irrigation master plan, as adopted by the concerned authorities, would form a basis for phased implementation of the irrigation scheme.


Consultancy Services


  • Economic and financial feasibility studies
  • Master Plan Design
  • Irrigation networks from reservoirs, aquifers and WWTP (tertiary treated wastewater)
  • Phasing strategies based on prioritization and economical studies
  • Proposal for GIS implementation and centralized control centre



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