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Kafrein Water Supply
Location: Jordan
Client: Ministry of Water & Irrigation - Water Authority/WAJ
Consultants: Associated Consulting Engineers (ACE)
Construction Cost: 12 Million US Dollars

Project Description

In association with Camp Dresser & McKee (CDM) - USA, USAID funded project, consultancy services for design, tender documents, construction and supervision. The project includes the following facilities:

• Installation of 3-well pumping equipment
• Approximately 5200mt of DI pipes (DN 150 to 600) with all related valves, washouts, air release valves, control valves,
flow meters ... etc.
• Construction of 225m2/hr water treatment plant, consisting of generators, flocculates and clarifier basins filter units,
chemical dosing systems, instrumentation control building, site work, grading, fencing and others.
• Construction of 2000m2 reservoir.

Consultancy Services

• Design of pumping stations and all related equipment
• Equipment and supplies approval
• Design of the Water Treatment Plant
• Design of the water reservoir
• Construction supervision
• Preparation of Operations and Maintenance manuals

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