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Location: Barbara, North Lebanon
Client: Wedge Real Estate
Consultants: Associated Consulting Engineers (ACE)
Construction Cost: 22 Million US Dollars

Project Description

Touristic development of 50,000 sq. meters built-up area along the Barbara coastal strip north of Byblos city.

Works call for 40,000 sq.meters of sea reclamation at depth reaching over 12 meters.

In addition the project included the following:
• Luxury Hotel
• Beach Bungalows
• Chalets
• Recreational schemes
• Sport facilities
• Yacht marina
• Commercial center
• Water games
• Heliport & complete infrastructure.

Consultancy Services

Master planning, architectural and engineering conceptual designs, infrastructure and hydraulic designs as well as preparation of specification and implementation guidelines, construction cost estimates and schedules, phasing and financial programming.


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