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IMEG was founded in 1964 as an engineering and management company to undertake capital projects and technical consultancy in the oil and gas industries. IMEG has gained extensive experience on large-scale international projects providing services such as project management, feasibility studies, detailed design and engineering, procurement, construction supervision, commissioning and training. IMEG has arranged finance packages for a number of major international projects. IMEG has carried out contracts in many oil and gas producing countries, including Algeria, Colombia, Iran, Iraq, Malaysia, Nigeria and Oman, as well as being active in its domestic market in the United Kingdom, with a number of recent contracts on gas compression plant, both onshore and offshore.

IMEG was at the forefront of the design of large diameter high pressure gas pipelines and the commercialisation of natural gas, notably the innovative 42" diameter Iranian Gas Trunkline (IGAT I), delivering gas from the oil fields in Southern Iran to its borders in the North. The project's success led to IGAT II, a 56" diameter gas trunkline on which IMEG was also engaged in a project management role.

IMEG provides services to private and state energy producers and users for projects ranging from oil and gas gathering, treatment, storage and transmission through to metering, distribution and loading. Since 2003 IMEG has been owned by the respected consulting engineering firm Sir Frederick Snow & Partners Ltd, which is part of the ACE group of companies. ACE (Associated Consulting Engineers) is a major international consulting engineering practice employing a staff of over 400.

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