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Location: Lebanon
Client: Council for Development and Reconstruction
Consultants: Associated Consulting Engineers (ACE)

Project Description

In 2006, the Council for Development and Reconstruction (CDR) awarded ACE the Contract for the engineering services and design for the Second Phase of the Cultural Heritage & Urban Development Project of Baalbeck Old City.

The project includes the followings:
• Developping a traffic circulation plan in order to reduce the traffic congestions especially in proximity of the city touristic

• Rehabilitating and upgrading the roads surrounding Ras Al Ain Source and Zaher Beybers Mosque including the main
Ras Al Ain Axis in addition to Bcharra Al Khoury Road with all associated infrastructure utility services, road pavement
and sidewalks, street amenities such as soft and hard landscaping, street lighting and other urban furniture elements
important to the good functioning and the aesthetics of 4000 years old city's streets and public right of ways.

• Beautification and landscaping the Ras Al Ain Public Park.

• Provision of three parking areas, one located near the lebanese army barracks and another two on Ras Al Ain main road.

• Establishment of a covered market structure with vending areas including the provision of water, sanitation and waste
management facilities in addition to the upgrading of the public spaces and roads around the market area.

The project will connect the touristic sites and the city in order to promote cultural tourism and stimulate the local economy. It will also revitalize the central commercial area, reorganize traffic across the city and improve visitors' serivces.

Consultancy Services

Master planning, design, preparation of tender and contract documents, project management and supervision of construction.

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