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Location: Republic of Yemen
Client: Sheikh Abdullah Bugshan \" The Yemen Group\"
Consultants: Associated Consulting Engineers
Construction Cost: 40 Million US Dollars

Project Description

Part of the Durrat Al Mukallah Project, this is the jewel in the crown of this very imaginative scheme, and may be one of its most important selling points. This part is designed to be a major attraction for tourists and as the central theme of the whole development.

The \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"marina village\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" will present a typical Yemeni / Mediterranean traditional urban village with the souks and rows of pretty houses and alleys built in line with appropriate architecture. This village, with a traditional theme of two to three story buildings, is created around a semi-circular shaped marina with its sea-side promenade \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Corniche El Bahri\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" and will host a blended variety of retail, entertainments, restaurants, coffee shops and small residences.

Our main concern has been to create a dynamic and vibrant place and space, for the enjoyment of residents and visitors. The development concept is robust and flexible to respond to changing requirements during the full development cycle of the \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Durrat Al Mukallah\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" Project. It is a dynamic and exciting center for a vibrant community.

Consultancy Services

The works of the Marina Village included the following:

• Marina, Earthwork and grading.
• Drainage system.
• Potable and Fire Fighting water system.
• Irrigation system.
• Electrical system (including power station and transformers)
• Telecommunication networks.
• External area lighting.
• Fire Alarm and Security System.
• T.V and Video network.
• Service Buildings and Restaurants.
• Hardscape and Landscape.


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