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Location: Beirut, Lebanon
Client: ACE Development & Investment Company
Consultants: Associated Consulting Engineers (ACE)

Project Description

ASSOCIATED CONSULTING ENGINEERS (ACE) INTERNATIONAL designed its new corporate office in Beirut as a sustainable green building. The project has been named by the National Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Action (NEEREA) as a pioneering step towards energy efficiency, renewable energy and green buildings in Lebanon.

The Green building will have many features that promote sustainability of which key features are the following:
• North facing facade that will maximize day lighting without the added heating effect from solar rays; Natural ventilation
• A green roof with drought resistant plants to minimize or effectively remove the need for future irrigation a positive
outcome of having a good green roof is its ability to create efficient thermal insulation, minimize water run-off insulate
against noise pollution and overall reduce heat island effect;
• Energy saving HVAC through the use of a VRF system;
• Energy saving lighting through the use of LED lighting throughout the majority of the office;
• Underground parking with designated parking for low emission, hybrid and car pooling vehicles;
• Photovoltaic solar panels providing 15,021 KWh/year;
• Solar panels will be utilized for all water heating effectively removing traditional boiler units;
• The remainder of the plot will be designed to be permeable so that rain water will drain efficiently back to the natural
water table.

Consultancy Services

• Architectural Design (Green Design)
• Structural Design
• Mechanical Electrical Plumbing Design
• Detailed Design
• LEED Accredited Professional
• LEED/USGBC registration
• Storm water Runoff Plan
• Stormwater Runoff Plan
• Commissioning Plan
• Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Plan
• Building Information Management (BIM)
• Renewable Energy through PV
• Measurement and Verification Plan
• Potable Water Treatment and Water Efficiency
• Construction Supervision

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